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I have had multiple instances of potential buyers making appointments with me and then not showing up when at the scheduled time. Apparently they do not value my time as I have wasted hours waiting for these so called buyers to show.

This is in addition to multiple emails back and forth questioning the condition and value of the items I have for sale. Needless to say this is very frustrating. As a buyer if you contact a seller and make an appointment the very least you can do is send an email saying you have a conflict and will be unable to show.

That way you may be able to reschedule

As a result I have pulled all of my items off the bookoo site and will never use it again.

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Lol, so your mad at Bookoo for the people messaging you not showing? umm...

one has nothing to do with the other, the company isn't liable for people who can't be reliable. How is this not common sense to you?

get off of the site if you can't take it but get mad at the company? what a weirdo!

North Aurora, Illinois, United States #1248642

I am one of those people who lives by the adage "kill 'em with kindness." With buyers, I try to be as polite as possible, communicate clearly and promptly, and always hope for the best. (They are buying some of my junk for goodness sake!) That said, I have been deeply disappointed by several no-shows, but have also had wonderful experiences with buyers and sellers on Bookoo. Because of the bad "buyer" experiences I've had, I have become the best customer any seller could ever hope to have!

Ottumwa, Iowa, United States #1228727

Frustrating but thats not unique to bookoo. That's human nature these days anymore.

I'm from a generation that when we say we are going to do something, it gets done. It's probably easier for me because I'm retired/disabled and don't have a very busy schedule, so I don't take it personally anymore.

I had 4 people call me saying that they were going to come buy a jeep I had on craigslist and would I hold it for them. [The jeep sold in 3 days on craigslist, I had it on bookoo for 2 months and nothing but scammers]

Over time I've learned the proper response; "I can only hold it until somebody comes with the cash."

I gave up on bookoo today after they deactivated my account for the second time.

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